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Trias Chem: quality and customer service

Trias Chem s.r.l has its roots in decades-long experience in the sector of epoxy and polyurethane formulated systems. The headquarter of production department, warehouses and laboratory are in the plant of S. Polo di Torrile (Parma). The main activities are taking care of quality control of incoming raw materials and of the final product before to be sent to the market. Our company carries out the research and development of new formulated systems, developed on a specific request of customers. Our daily business is characterized by flexibility, consistency and customer service.

Our mission

Behind our company mission, there is a strong will to guarantee high quality and customer service. What does quality mean for Trias Chem? The continuous and constant control over the product, both incoming raw materials and final product, is the peculiar element of quality. Moreover, we are used to regularly monitor the production and the packaging process. The excellent mix between the production process and the R& D Lab grants us flexibility, company welfare and enduring ability to respond positively to market demand and to increasingly careful customers.

The customized advice and the possibility to own ad hoc production cycles are only two of the key factors of Trias Chem.  

What is service for Trias Chem? We mean extreme speed in goods delivery and of course, complete customer satisfaction. Our company becomes a partner, not only a simple supplier. A direct relationship, a flexible working philosophy with our customers and the ability to satisfy all the demands give us an increasingly fruitful and efficient working relationship.

safety and environment

Personal and professional safety, quality of products and environmental protection are factors playing a fundamental role in Trias Chem s.r.l. business philosophy. The future development of the company will be strictly linked to the continuous increase of the quality of all structure and the systems around it, to the growth of levels of personal safety, to respect and environmental protection. All these factors will be crucial in reaching satisfying economic achievements over the medium term.

That is why, the development of products takes into account, through a constant commitment without reservation, the use of low-risk resources, materials and environmental impact. The company establishes policies, goals and procedures to perform the activities aimed at the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the systems, so as to be able to constantly satisfy customers’ needs, both explicit and implicit, as to safety according to an environment-friendly approach and by complying with the standards of current regulations.

Trias Chem srl considers the people as the strong point of its organisation and tries to give their workers maximum-safety job conditions and protection from any damage to health.

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