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Venetian Terrazzo

Typical of the Renaissance Venetian buildings, the Venetian terrazzo has always been known for its high flexibility, low structural shrinkage and wear resistance. With the new ways to realize the Venetian terrazzo, it is increasingly common the demand for synthetic resins used to “bind” the fillers. Trias Chem has developed a product that presents a good balance between filler and binder, easy to colour and apply and with high mechanical characteristics.

Main characteristics of the resin and marble flooring:

• Low thickness (from 5 to 10 mm);

• Low total weight (so suitable for restructuring without demolition);

• Absence of cracks and microcracks;

• Excellent heat transmission (deriving from low thickness and high thermal conductivity);

• Excellent wear resistance (suitable for all civil and commercial structures);

• Good elasticity (it allows to be applied for large surafaces);

• Fast laying (3 – 5 days)

RP 424 IPE 753

FAP 980 A FAP 980 B

FAP 985 A FAP 985 B

FAP 990 A FAP 990 B

FAP 991 A FAP 991 B

FAP 995 A FAP 995 B

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