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Resin bound pavings

Resin bound pavings are realized with stones of different grain sizes and colours where the binder is a transparent polyureic resin suitable for outdoor applications. The main characteristics are:

• mineral and natural look

• easy and practical to realize

• excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties

• durability with a good resistance to the effects of freeze- thaw cycles

• safety: our resin for outdoor pavings is non- slip (if realized with proper stones aggregates or if treated shallowly with non-slip material), dry after rain, crushproof under load and at high temperatures

• maintenance: material with a similar look to the stone one that, over the years, acquires a natural patina without the need of an expensive and uncomfortable maintenance

Trias Chem offers a complete working cycle from the primer to the finishings with a particular attention to the construction site needs. The binder RMP 5707, ONE COMPONENT, is packed in a particular disposable bag in order to facilitate the use during the laying and the disposal once the work is finished.

RMP 5707

SMP 230

FAP 980 A FAP 980 B

FAP 990 A FAP 990 B

FAP 991 A FAP 991 B

FAP 995 A FAP 995 B

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