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Structural bonding

Structural bonding with resins is increasingly used in all sectors where the weight/performance combination plays a determinant role. The use of resins for structural bonding has several advantages:

• It semplifies the construction by increasing its strenght and rigidity;

• It prevents fatigue failures by ensuring a uniform distribution of strains and maintaining structural integrity;

• It reduces production costs by removing or reducing conventional methods of attatchments ( screws, rivets or welds);

• It reduces the cost of materials and weight, allowing the use of thinner materials without affecting the performance of the product;

• It allows to combine materials such as metal with plastic, metal with glass, ecc.

Trias Chem can develop, on a project basis, one or two-component systems for specific structural bonding.

RP 007 IPE 715

SEA 110 IPA 110

SEA 130 IPA 130

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