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Rehabilitation of underground sewer pipes

In Trias Chem laboratories, latent systems with controllable reactivity through temperature have been developed to be used in the rehabilitation of pipelines. The systems customization has become fundamental in this application to meet the customers‘ needs. The inversion process allows the conservative structural rehabilitation of damaged pipes and sewers through the use of different types of resins. It consists in inserting a previously impregnated sheath inside the pipe to be coated. The advancement of the sheath is obtained by a hydrostatic thrust of a water column of a few meters. The water pressure allows constant adhesion of the impregnated sheath to the walls of the pipeline. In this way, all surfaces of any shape, even if extremely damaged, are reconstructed. Onche the sheath has been inserted, the resin is cured through the heat obtained by heating the water previously introduced into the sheath itself or by keeping the sheath under pressure and administering steam.

RP 077 IPE 789/IPE 780/IPE 715/IPE 742/IPE 775

RP 091 IPE 791/IPE 791 V

RP 2100 IPE H 36/3 /IPE H19/2

RP 2145 IPE 15/33 / IPE 30/33 / IPE60/33

RS 115 IPU H 19

UC 416 IPU 816

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