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Resinsalento by Zezza Anna Rita & C.

ResinSalento Sas was founded in 2003 in Puglia, in Ruffano (Lecce) and  offers his customers from the wholesale and online trade different materials such as Resins, Fiberglass, Gelcoat, Fabrics, Solvents, Accessories and more. These are high quality and certified products, aimed above all at companies specialized in the processing of resins for:

  • nautical sector
  • insulation
  • industrial and civil floors
  • various objects
  • swimming pools
  • Industrial sector (wind turbines – signs – silos – playground equipment – garden furniture)
  • craft sector (furniture – resin / wood tables etc).

The company pays particular attention to customer relations through consultancy and technical assistance.

Resinsalento di Zezza Anna Rita & C. S.A.S.

Via Santa Maria di Leuca – 73049 Ruffano (LE)

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