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Steba S.a.s.

Steba S.a.s. has been operating in the technical equipment sector for industry since 1968 throughout Emilia Romagna. These, in short, are the products that the company is able to provide:

  • products for model makers, mold makers and mechanical workshops;
  • epoxy and polyurethane resins for casting and sheet;
  • CNC milling machines for prototyping and CAD-CAM;
  • diamonds for the profiling and dressing of grinding wheels;
  • electroplated tools and wheels;
  • abrasive wheels in ceramic and in diamond, in CBN for grinding and construction / sharpening of HA and HSS tools;
  • neat and emulsified oils for industrial use, lubricating oils and hydraulic oils;

Steba offers customers a “personal” relationship, in order to maintain a service that meets the demands and is suitable for each customer.

Steba S.A.S

Via Croce Coperta, 7/int – 40128 Bologna (ITALY)

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