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In its range, Trias Chem has products for scenographic and theatrical realization with special effects, polyurethane rubbers for prototype molds or for shapes with undercuts, polyurethane foams and acrylic resins for protective coatings or decorations. The range products is completed by silicones, also in paste form, for soft and precise self-releasing molds. The products, easy to apply, guarantee considerable resistance over time, and can be applied by spray or with a spatula on items already  sculpted in expanded polystyrene.

RP 028 IPE 728

RP 055 IPE 715/IPE 712 L/IPE 725 A4/IPE 733

GP 040 A IGP 040 B

GP 060 A IGP 060 B

UP 440 E IPU 460

UP 460 E IPU 460


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