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Molds and filling for silver

 Systems are divided into three product categories: 

• Epoxy system for filling silver frames in printed foil ( very low thickness) with strong adhesive power on silver, low viscosity and therefore self-leveling and excellent surface appearance once cured;

• Polyurethane system for filling silver frame in printed foil (medium thickness) with a medium- slow reactivity profile;

• Polyurethane system for bilaminate silver-aluminium filling. Good adhesion on aluminium and medium-fast hardening.

Resins for molds:

Epoxy resins with metal fillers (iron/aluminium) specially conceived for the molding of silver laminate or bi-laminate. The low particle size of the fillers allows the system the perfect definition of details.

RC 216 F IPE 741/ IPE 743/ IPE 775

RC 221 SB IPE 721 SB

UC 410 IPU 817

UC 421 IPU 821

UC 422 IPU 460

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