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Self-levelling floors

 We have several products for self-levelling floors.

Among the main crystal-clear formulated systems, we can mention:

• products for transparent surfaces, yellowing resistant;

tiles and mosaic floors with customized incorporations;

decorative panels and listels with an aesthetic-functional impact;

polishing and early waxing.

The main products for the applications described above are:

• RP 025 UV2 /IPE 725 A4: Epoxy system with UV filter used to increase the yellowing resistance. The system is studied to be applied in costruction sites and thus it will be supplied in tins of 10 kg + 5 kg (double in volume compared to weight) which allow the mixing of the whole kit without weighing. Once hardened, the resin has an excellent surface and a crystal clear effect. It is recommended for coatings between 1 and 3 mm.

• RP 024 / IPE 725 A4: Epoxy system like the one above, but without the UV filter. The characteristics are similar, but the resistance to yellowing is lower. It is recommended for coatings between 1 and 3 mm if coloured or added with inerts which reduce the visibility of the yellowing (modest in any case).

• RP 038 UV / IPE 718: Epoxy system with UV filter for coatings on 3D printings and for coatings between 1 and 2 mm. The system with UV filter, thanks to a second generation formulation, is easy to use even for low thickness.


RP 024 IPE 725 A4

RP 025 UV2 IPE 725 A4

RP 038UV IPE 718

RP 026 UV IPE 743/IPE 743T/IPE 743L/IPE 744


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