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Modeling and scale reproduction

Trias Chem offers useful products for model making and scale reproduction. Epoxy and polyurethane resins are ideal for particular castings, where a faithful reproduction of details is required. The low viscosity systems are ideal for reproducing model cars, airplanes, toy soldiers etc.

The product UP 369/IPU 869 is also especially formulated for use in silicone rubber molds because besides being very faithful in reproduction, it helps to preserve the life of the molds. The product range is completed by the “range” of addition and condensation casting silicone rubbers to create flexible, open or bivalve molds, for the serial reproduction of parts in polyurethane resin, polyester, plaster, wax and moldable rubbers to obtain fast molds and vertical prints. The range is available in the entire hardness scale.

UP 369 IPU 869

UP 370/L IPU 812

UP 371 IPU 812


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