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Ta s.r.l. Industrial supplies

The company TA Forniture Industriali s.r.l. continues Rossi’s business, which has been involved in the trading of raw materials since 1993, such as:

  • silicone rubbers for addition, polycondensation and mouldable;
  • polyester, epoxy and polyurethane resins;
  • polyester and epoxy gelcoats;
  • solvents, acetone, thinners, paints, mineral fillers, accessories, glass fabrics, MAT, Roving and carbon;
  • fixing materials;
  • prototyping materials, tables for styled models and thermoforming;
  • materials and equipment for electroplating;
  • vacuum pumps, vacuum bells and autoclaves.

Ta S.r.l.

Via Enrico Mattei, 17 – 62017, Porto Recanati (MC)

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