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Trias Chem and Audace Sailing Team

Audace Sailing Team is a student project of the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Trieste that involves more than 50 students from a wide range of study areas. What sets the team apart is its desire to combine its members’ engineering capabilities and love for sports by designing and building prototypes of environmentally sustainable sailing boats.

The quest for high performances in these boats, designed to race, goes hand in hand with the study of materials and production processes that reduce the environmental impact and promote a circular economy.

Audace Sailing Team was born in 2019 and has already designed and built two 4.60m-long skiffs: Dedalo, constructed of moulded wood, and Lina, made with a composite of linen fibre and biobased resin.

It was precisely with Lina that the partnership between Trias Chem and Audace Sailing Team began in May 2021: the company’s BIO epoxy composition, with a vegetable-based carbon content of more than 30% of the total weight, was a game changer for the team.

By using Trias Chems’s biobased resin, the students of Audace Sailing Team were able to build a boat which has all the benefits of constructions made of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) and is made of natural or recyclable materials by 75%.

This allowed the skiff to be fully compliant with the class regulations of the 1001VelaCup, an international regatta between universities that takes place every year in Italy.

Dedalo and Lina competed in the 14th edition of this important event. The team, at its debut, achieved an astonishing first place with Dedalo and a fifth place with Lina.

The next edition of the regatta will be held in Monfalcone, from September 22nd–25th 2022: a third boat, the evolution of the Lina project, will join Dedalo and Lina.

Trias Chem is on board with this new project as well and continues to play an important role as a supplier of biobased resins and epoxy compositions.

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